«In the forties, in his Manifesto BLANCO, Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) clearly explained the cuts and holes in his works. “Art is in a period of latency. There is a force that man cannot manifest. (…) That is why we ask all the men of science in the world who know that art is a vital necessity of the species, that they orient a part of their research towards the discovery of that luminous and malleable substance and the instruments that will produce sounds, which allow the development of tetra dimensional art.” There he managed to condense, bluntly, the main ideas of his spatial concept, which breaks the limits imposed by customs. The advent of a four-dimensional art seeks to go beyond the usual plane of three-dimensional space into a fourth dimension, where time and space are part of the whole».

After working 20 years in her studio, and although she continues to apply the knowledge of the areas mentioned above, DoDoU decisively changed her approach in 2018, devoting herself full-time to sculpture. On Saturday, September 14th, DoDoU’s UNIVERSE Exhibition open at F/O Gallery in La Boca, Buenos Aires. The ancestral opposite signs of our culture are present in the monochromatic palette like an association between life/death, present/past, emptiness, loneliness, among others. Simultaneously exploring rationality and chaos, her characteristic three-dimensional constructions follow the material and the shape. Although distinctly neo-minimalist, these objects built from chalk and wood mainly tend to reduce the essentials of an idea, stripping away the leftover elements to find order, abstraction, concentration, geometrical repetition, structural and functional purism, precise finishes, synthesis and, of course, simplicity. This will be a great opportunity to see, for the first, and perhaps the only one, a tour of minimalism, post-minimalism, conceptualism and neo-minimalism in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca (Caminito). The background of newly restored colors, applied according to the original aesthetics that Benito Quinquela Martín proposed in his collective work, now serves as a perfect framework for this series of artworks that leads us to the origin of forms and concepts.